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S. C. Joseph Ltd provides professional roofing services which include a wide range of options.  Protecting what is under your roof from the elements is vital and necessitates this most important area of your property being regularly maintained and kept in good repair protecting your property from decline and your possessions safe.  The movement of just a single tile or slate can allow moisture in which can, over a period, cause major problems to the roof structure.

S. C. Joseph Ltd carry out new and replacement roofs using tiles, slates, felt or any of the new specialist materials now available on the market.  One such innovative covering is roofing shingles which is technology at its best. They consist of a glass fibre base, coated with oxidised bitumen and surfaced with attractive coloured mineral granules.  They are lightweight, long lasting, have proven waterproofing performance and come in a choice of shapes and colours.  Certainly a choice to consider for conservatories, summer houses, sheds,  etc.

The Company also carries out chimney re-pointing and repairs together with the repair or replacement of gutters,  downpipes and cladding.   Becoming ever more popular, with the housing market making moving more difficult, is the clever use of the loft  area installing dormer or velux windows to introduce more light into this additional space.


The team at S.C. Joseph Ltd are highly experienced and pay close attention to health, safety and building regulations.



S. C. Joseph Ltd is happy to quote for any work within the commercial sector, from office enlargement, office divisions, internal and external decoration, roofing , plumbing or heating works.


Our work in the domestic field covers everything from new builds to extensions, conversions, renovations , kitchens, bathrooms, central heating systems, new boilers,  all areas of painting and decorating, roofing,  fencing, patios and driveways.


S. C. Joseph Ltd deal with steel erections for new industrial units, roofing, cladding, drainage, concrete flooring, fencing, painting and decorating,  etc.

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